Iconic architecture of England, Ireland and uSA

Welcome to this display of Gerald Blaikie's drawings of buildings from England, Ireland and the USA, created after trips to the various countries.
It is intended to complement my architectural sketches of Scottish buildings which have been seen online for many years.


This section covers the provincial Buildings of England

Drawing of tower at Liver Building, Liverpool

Clock tower and statue at Royal Liver Building, Liverpool, Britain's first skyscraper


This section covers the Landmarks of London

Drawing of Westminster Abbey, London

Western towers of Westminster Abbey, London


This section covers the Buildings of the USA

Drawing of eagles at Chrysler Building, New York City

Steel eagles at Chrysler Building, New York City


This section covers the Buildings of Ireland

Drawing of tower at Dublin Castle

Drawing of original Norman style round tower at Dublin Castle, the earliest part of the fortress


Clock tower of King's Cross Station London

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