Welcome to the south side section of the Glasgow Quiz pages, testing your knowledge of Glasgow trivia.
Each question has just one correct answer.



  1. Which south side pub, known locally as “the café”, was named as an appeasement to the temperance movement?
    Queens Café     Queens Park Café     Victoria Café     Albert Café    
  2. Which of these is the former name for the south side district of Strathbungo?
    Marchtown     Apriltown     Maytown     Junetown    
  3. Traditional Glasgow tenements are usually 3 or 4 storeys high, but which south side street has 5 storey blocks?
    Tantallon Road     Minard Road     Langside Avenue     Springhill Gardens    
  4. Asda, Govan, was built on the site of which of these facilities?
    Refuse Destructor     Junior Football Ground     Fire Station     Allotments    
  5. The outrageous Glaswegian comedian Frankie Boyle was brought up in which south side district?
    Cathcart     Mount Florida     Langside     Pollokshaws    
  6. What was the name of Cathcart's "adult" cinema in Old Castle Road which later became a bowling alley?
    Rex     Vogue     George     State    
  7. Which south side bowling club was displaced from Eglinton Street, Gorbals, to make way for the railway?
    Titwood     Queens Park     Wellcroft     Shawlands    
  8. Which river flows under the Howford bridge at Crookston Road, near the entrance to Leverndale Hospital?
    Black Cart     White Cart     Levern     Brock Burn    
  9. What was the original name of the old village at Gorbals?
    Bridgend     Bridgeside     Bridgetown     Bridgeford    
  10. Bob Crampsey, the TV sports pundit and former Brain of Britain, was both a pupil and teacher at which south side school?
    Shawlands Academy     Holyrood Secondary     Queens Park Secondary     Hutchesons Grammar School    


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