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  1. The Ca d'oro building at the corner of Union Street and Gordon Street is named after the "golden house" in which Italian city?
    Rome     Milan     Venice     Turin    

  2. The doorway, above, is the main entrance to which city centre church?
    St Georges Tron Church     St Andrew's Cathedral     Ramshorn Kirk     Renfield St Stephen's Church    

  3. The Kibble Palace, above, can be found in which Glasgow park?
    Pollok Country Park     Glasgow Green     Queens Park     Botanic Gardens    

  4. This particularly brave steeplejack is leaping about which city centre clock tower?
    St Georges Tron Church     St Vincent Street Church     Gallery of Modern Art     Hutcheson's Hall    

  5. The doorway, above, is the entrance to which Glasgow building?
    Tobacco Merchants House     Trades House     Glasgow Art Club     Camphill House    

  6. The rightmost tower in the above Glasgow's skyline belongs to what?
    Central Station     Tolbooth     Tron Steeple     Clyde Port Authority Chambers

  7. The Panoptican Music Hall in Trongate was named after which class of archaic building?
    Lighthouse     Mill     Prison     Educational    

  8. According to the urban myth, which forgotten village sits under Central Station near the Heilanman's Umberella?
    Balamory     Grahamston     Brigadoon     Blythswood    

  9. The above depiction of the risen Christ can be found where?
    St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral     St Andrew's RC Cathedral     St Luke's Orthodox Cathedral     Glasgow Cathedral    

  10. The former St Jude's Church in West George Street, built in 1839, is currently which hotel?
    Marriott     Marks     Millenium     Malmaison    

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